Pranayama and its benefits 

We rely on the Element Air for being alive! We all have experienced at least once either asthma, stress or simply being short of breath. When this happens you realise how this fantastic respiratory system does more than allow you to breathe but provides the vital energy which gives the real meaning of being alive. I felt deeply for all of those who have gone through such suffering with the Covid 19 virus which attacks this fundamental part of our life support system.

Prana means Vital energy, the power of enjoyment and the movement of the lungs provided by the air element which purifies the blood.
Who can benefit from it?
People recovering from cancer, people suffering from depression, mental health, chronic fatigue, suffering from lack of love, lack of confidence...
What do you gain out of it? Clarity of mind, a less foggy mind, less forgetful, better concentration, more focus, being in the present: Acceptance, detachment, self-confidence, Love

Here is my personal translation of the philosophy of YOGA  which I made more comprehensible when I worked  with youngsters at colleges.
Change the attitude to change the mental process! Yoga is the Science of the Mind, called Raja Yoga, whose aim is to free us from suffering from the duality of mankind's interior nature.
The philosophy and the psychology of yoga are based on the Sutras of Patanjoli (500BC).

is Mental Hygiene 

As we clean our hands, we also need to clean the mind of constant recurring thoughts!
Repeating a Mantra trains the mind to hold on to one thing which brings clarity then all will fall into place. It is a way to remove bad habits. The mind becomes  crystal clear and shows the reflection of your thoughts.
"Truth is one, paths are many" Satchidananda

There is a meditation to suit each Dosha

needs to calm down his restless mind to remove anxiety and fears. Vata needs to learn to focus otherwise he would be lost. Meditation will help with sleeping. Pranyama Vata is low in energy so the practice of Kapalabhati shouldn't be too strong.

 PITTA would need a cool environment and a search for an Infinite space to go beyond his critical mind. Silence would help to pacify his mind and to develop the art of discrimination. Concentrating on the light of the heart with forgiveness, compassion, love to decrease pitta's anger.

KAPHA has a lack of determination, needs encouragement so the group is the best option. It will need more time to see results than for Pitta or Vata. Kapha can fall asleep during the meditation so it would help to do exercise before such as walking. Meditation is good for him for letting go emotional attachment and possessiveness.


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