Integral Yoga what does it cover?
Hatha Yoga with the Healing
Science of Ayurveda

Hatha Yoga to challenge Mind and Body Sivananda is a traditional school of Hatha yoga which offers a comprehensive approach comprising philosophy, psychology, spirituality and physiology.  
It is based on breathing (Prayanamas), Asanas (postures), relaxation and meditation including the marma points self-massage. It involves working deeply in the different layers of the body.
The rhythm, speed and the difficulties of the asanas vary according to the strength, balance and flexibility of each individual. The teaching follows a progression of sequences of postures and the benefits are quickly noticeable: toning muscles, sleeping better, losing weight, increasing concentration, managing hormonal levels, re-educating bowel movements... Feeling calmer & happier.

Hatha Yoga is Gardening  yourself, breathing is watering, patience is the fertilizer, in order to remove obstacles and to find serenity!

Working on  the Endocrine system for Men & Women!

Integral Yoga can help in regaining energy and vitality during the various phases of life when the hormone level is changing with age, stress etc. The fluctuation of the hormone level improves with a regular practice of this specific Yoga.
Not only does it have an impact on the endocrine system but also on important organs such as the kidney and liver.
I offer a comprehensive set of sequences which combine asanas and prayanama that I have tested for you (endometriosis, prolapse, but I went through menopause with no problems) 
I have been inspired by the work of Dinah Rodriguez which is well known amongst endocrinologists in Brazil and Europe.

Gentle Yoga  for temporary or permanent physical issues 
or are you simply feeling unfit and stiff?
It is adapted to your needs. The sequences help you build up strength, flexibility but more importantly confidence and awareness of your body. It  can be done seated on a chair, in a bed for people with reduced mobility and post cancer. Gentle yoga helps in many ways including with arthritis, poor circulation and weight problems.

Your progress will make you feel so much better with less sleeping disorders, less pain and discomfort in your body.  
In small groups or one to one.

All classes provide the therapeutic effects of yoga combined with an osteopathic approach I have deepened my personal practice and teaching by studying a special programme created by yoga teachers and an osteopath who has been teaching yoga for 35 years.
A one to one for all
- for assessing his/her postures and to be guided and adjusted accordingly and it works on zoom as well!
- for building a good foundation to work safely thereafter with a body well aligned and balanced. You develop a deep understanding of your own real possibilities.
for releasing tension in the muscles and deep tissues after physical and mental trauma because we have the time to take into consideration all your symptoms and injuries. 

More Videos are available on my Youtube channel

Yolande Integral Yoga 

The 4 paths of Yoga which nourish the needs of the Doshas. “Yoga is a method to liberate the Self”

RAJA Yoga includes Hatha Yoga, based on the philosophy of the sage Pantajoli 500 B.C. (it suits Pitta the Fire element as it requires determination and perseverance) It is the control of the mind and the senses. It is personal development to overcome obstacles in our life and grow solid moral spiritual and physical strengths to welcome life as a gift.

Jnana yoga is the knowledge to reach the eternal Wisdom (it suits Vata the Air element and its quest to learn) I study with “YogaStudies” to satisfy my curiosity about Yoga’s origins and its evolution both socio politico and religious, I need to know what I teach.

Bakti Yoga is the devotion through chanting and praying to open the heart in order to welcome and accept All. It is a powerful healing energy to soothe traumatic and emotional wounds (it is related to the Water element in the Doshas).

Karma Yoga is action without expectation. A selfless service which purifies the heart and gives joy and fulfilment. It is the priceless way to connect with others. (Karma nourishes KAPHA the Earth element) I currently give my time to the NHS teaching Yoga for cancer and registered with the BSIO.