Most of us have our VATA imbalanced

Remove bad habits
and replace them
with good ones!

"The one who regulates the eating, sleeping, working and resting puts an end to the material disease of the physical existence and knows the state of felicity" Bhagavad Gita 6-17

Ayurveda is not a diet but a matter of  adapting food to the needs of your constitution.
What is bad for your constitution depends on, amongst other things, your age, your family situation and history, the season of the year and where you live. Following Ayurveda means treating nature and all beings with respect to be able to nourish yourself with love and with foods full of energy.

Cooking for eating healthily is an essential part of the longevity of our life. The roots of most of our problems lie in our food, our diet & our lifestyle. All start in the kitchen.

Ayurveda is the therapeutic side of Yoga and Yoga is the spiritual path for Ayurveda

Spices Flavours & Emotions

The food is your medicine

Ritual treatments
Karna purana is a lubrication of the nervous system through the ears. The benefits are numerous such as helping with headache, tinnitus, pain in the neck and jaws. It balances the 3 doshas. Shankprakshalana is a natural cleansing of the colon with salty water and a practice with a specific yoga sequence. It is a safe protocol to clean our gut in the Autumn and Spring. 

Having a "Dinacharya" Dinacharya is the Sanskrit word for routine. It is the way to get rid of old habits and reset the mind to refresh and accept yourself, as you are now!
It is reformatting the physiological body and the body clock to liberate yourself for a healthier life.

Starting your day with just a few more reflexes added to our cultural habits can do wonders for your health!
Yoga & Ayurveda provide a complementary mental and physical hygienic routine for our welfare by cleaning the senses which is important for keeping the mind under control. This helps you develop an awareness of your anatomy and to observe how your body is responding to changes.

Abhyanga is  a self massage with warm oil to reconnect with yourself, getting rid of toxins and help with painful joints. Which oils you use depends on your constitution. 

 Jala Neti helps to improve the respiratory system, it removes mucus in the sinus, clears the head, enhances senses such as olfactive, vision, the voice and hearing. It helps to reduce allergies (eg. dust, pollen, pollution) and headaches.

JIVHA NIRLEKHANA removes bacteria in the mouth and prevents the bacteria going through the digestive system. It protects the gums, the throat and all the internal tissues. It stimulates the digestive system, gives a massage to the tongue and removes bad breath (halitosis).

Workshops are offered to teach you these Ayurvedic routines.

Offering an Healthy present to your loved ones! and get a one to one for you

I care for you