My Dharma, my Journey,
I teach what I have experienced in my body...

Namaste !

Yoga is my way of living. Gradually I have discovered that Yoga is simply the path to find happiness and well being because your peace is when you find yourself. With a daily practice for 16 years, complemented by numerous workshops in Europe and after a foundation class with British Wheel of Yoga I finally decided to teach. I have chosen to be trained in India in a traditional way in Hatha Yoga for a better understanding of this ancient science and philosophy .

"Serve give and love with a selfless attitude for helping people to find happiness" Swami Sivananda. I am so grateful that the foundation of my Yogi journey is based on the philosophy of this school of Hatha Yoga. Now, because I continue to learn so much and gain such joy from teaching I feel it both essential and natural for me to pass this knowledge on so that I may help other people in turn.

I am very passionate about passing on my experience in Healing Yoga which has helped me to get rid of intestinal problems, maintain hormonal balance and to slow down the process of arthritis. I have learnt to listen to myself through my practice which enables me to build up a physical and a mental strength. It seems to be a natural next step  to deepen my knowledge in Yoga by exploring Ayurvedic Medicine as it is traditionally considered to be a complementary body of learning.

Being our Gardener enables to create space and to listen to our inner silence.

Simplicity in Yoga is the knowledge of Emptiness, like the breath it is not palpable or visible but Vital.
I have done a 3 year Diploma 500h Integral Yoga and Ayurveda and I am happy to share my Thesis  to give you an idea of the therapeutic effects of Integral Yoga and how I have built my knowledge through my experience, study and practice.
The Philosophy of the body is our inner space of maturation and search: The Garden of Simplicity.

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Integral Yoga and Ayurveda (500h) accredited by the Federation of Hatha Yoga France (FIDHY) and UEY (European Union of YOGA)

What else can I say about Yoga & Ayurveda?

You adapt it to your present needs and possibilities because it is not a physical exercise for cosmetic purposes. Yoga is a discipline, a behaviour and an attitude based on the fact that you want to be happier and healthier. Yoga helps you to find harmony because the mental and the physical body work together.
You train your mind and gain more understanding about yourself. You become more relaxed because you have a better control of your emotions. Yoga combined with Ayurveda  gives a healthy lifestyle that also  helps significantly to control the mind.
Positive thinking and personal challenges through the physical postures help build up confidence. You learn to love yourself and be aware of your body by developing a sense of care and kindness towards yourself.
Each time you are on the mat you reconnect with yourself and the "present". It isn't being egocentric or selfish, it is preparing yourself to respect and understand others as this can be possible only if you like yourself and are comfortable with who you are.

Om Shanti 

I have to do something!

I want to feel better!

but   I   don't    know    where    to   start